No further events at present


We are sorry to inform you that despite battling Brexit rules which stopped our Dutch dealers attending, then trying to keep things going through covid, we are simply not getting the volume of jukeboxes we once enjoyed and as many of our original dealers have now retired, passed away or like the Dutch, are unable to come.

To be honest, Im tired of explaining this, but need to put it out there for the moaners as some seem to think this is my personal doing and its hurtful hearing the moans re lack of jukes, and even complaints re the bands booked (even though we’ve been putting on an extra band per day to compensate for lack of jukes) Yes, I know, it beggars belief doesnt it.

My team and I all work hard to provide this event and with the best will in the world, the event can never be what it once was which breaks my heart, but is totally out of my control.

The Chessington fair was also impacted by the new ULEZ extension to rub salt in the wounds.

With personal difficulties re my husbands illness too we have decided not to run an event this year but hope to be back with something for you next year.

It has been a pleasure putting on this event for you and Brighton will always be a very fond memory with so many lovely people.

We hope you will join us again in 2025 and we thank you for your patronage over the 19 years of this event.