Win Tickets Via Ace Cafe London


Win Tickets to our fair via Ace Cafe London

Spend £5 or more over the counter at the cafe and receive a raffle ticket, on the following occasions:

Wed 6th Sept – Hot Rod “End of Summer Riot”

Thur 7th Sept – Mod n’ Mini Night “Italian Job” Special

Sun 24th Sept – 59 Club Day

Sat 28th Sept – Harley Night

Sat 30th Sept – All American Cruise In

Sun 1st Oct – “End of Summer” Scooter n’ Mod Special

Wed 4th Oct – Hot Rod Night

Thur 5th Oct – Mod n’ Mini Night
Sat 14th Oct – Bill Fury Tribute Night
Thur 26th Oct – Harley Night
Sat 28th Oct – All American Cruise In