The Jukebox & Retro Fair organisers,Chessington School/Chessington Sports Centre accept no responsibility for any items bought or sold at the show, nor any default to any party on any contract agreed or signed at the show between any vendor or potential purchaser or their agents.


Although children are welcome at this event, please do not leave them unattended. We respectfully remind you that as we have moving vehicles during the event it is your responsibility to ensure your children’s safety .

The Jukebox & Retro Fair organisers, Chessington School/Chessington Sports Centre cannot accept any responsibility for unsupervised children.

50's-Camera-Wales-ReflexPHOTOGRAPHY AT THE FAIR

Please note that any photographs, video, or digital recording of the show may be used for personal use only. If any of the latter is to be used for commercial use or personal gain then rights to use such material must be sought from The Jukebox & Retro Fair organizers beforehand and we reserve the right to demand a copy of such prior to granting permission. If taking any photographs, or digital recordings for personal use please respect the privacy of others at the show who may not wish to be included. Please do not photograph any children attending unless your own.

If taking photos at Chessington School please avoid taking photos near school displays featuring attending children for their safety.