Spotlight on Miss Holiday Swing


Holly first joined us for our October fair and oh what a voice this lovely lady has and no wonder she was awarded the “UK’s Best Live Stream Performance” at the 2020 Event Entertainment Awards.

The bouncing, bubbly sweetheart singing songs from the 1920’s through modern day but always in her vintage style! Transporting you back to the golden age of Swing, she will serenade you with the sounds of Vera Lynn, Glen Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day, Postmodern Jukebox, and The Andrews Sisters to name but a few…

With a performing background of more than 20 years and a taste for authentic vintage style, Miss Holiday Swing’s voice resonates with the romantic nature of the era. But, being a keen Lindy Hopper herself, she knows the tunes to get those toes tapping! And nothing pleases her more than seeing a room full of people Jumpin’, Jivin’, and Wailing!

Holly will be performing at our fair on Sunday 22nd August – don’t miss her.