Next event 29th/30th October


We hope you will join us at The Jukebox & Retro Fair this October at Chessington.

We have 2 bands per day for your £15 entry so please no whinging about the price.

We will have as many jukeboxes, coin op and pinballs as we can get as the Dutch still cannot be with us and we are reliant on UK dealers supporting us so please no whinging re the amount of jukeboxes.

We have records galore for you from leading UK dealers and if you think your entry is too dear as you’re not coming for the live music, last year we tried a discounted prepaid entry for record collectors via the dealers which had no take up – so please no whinging.

As usual lots of vintage stalls too, funnily enough no one whinges about dress sizes or colours of handbags…..

It’s been a hard few years re events and I’m totally done with the moaners so come with a good heart, enjoy your day and let’s make it a great event for everyone please.

Follow our Facebook page as there will be a couple of competitions re that for free tickets and also via Dell Richardson Good Rockin Tonight on Radio Caroline, Dave Gamblins Cruisin on Angel Radio, Fluff On the Needle with Jivin Jim Dandy on Rockin Radio 24/7 and of course Big Pauls Shindig on Rockabilly Radio.
Don’t forget to tune in regularly!