Covid Blues


As we all know it’s not been the easiest time for events. We were fortunate ( or I am just downright stubborn) in getting a few events running throughout this madness.

Thank you to those that have continued to support us through this time and for those that couldn’t we get it.

We will be continuing our usual two fairs a year which will now be at Ardingly and Chessington.

The Ardingly Weekender will continue next year too if we get enough response to it but we are obviously aware so many weekenders this year are not taking place such as Newbury Retrofestival, Atomic and Rhythm Riot there simply might not be space for a further weekender in a full calendar, but if you’d like us to, we will do our best to oblige.

For those that can’t get to The Ardingly Weekender this year, or indeed if you fancy both, we also have a fun fest coming up called Good Vibes, it’s slightly different but this year we’ve combined the “wellness” aspect with some rocking fun as we feel mental health has been so badly affected for many, we wanted to do a fun weekend too. This one will feature Greggi G too plus some of your favourites Big Paul, Jivin’ Jim Dandy DJ’ing, and some activities as below.

This event will include lots for kids so if you have children, grandchildren, then you can bring them along free as for the kids we have circus workshops, a puppet and magic show, teddy bears picnic, a bubble zone and more.

For you, apart from Greggi and the DJ’s, Jim & Peggy will be giving a free dance lesson, Dawn Gracie will be doing her fun Retro Bingo, Dollie & Gracie will be doing a sports hour each day and on Sunday night we have Carradine’s Cockney Singalong to end the day which is sure to send you all home with a tune on the lips.

On top of that, we are back to Chessington in October with what we hope, by then, will be our “usual’ event with our full compliment of amazing jukeboxes…….