Congratulations to one and all for reaching the landmark of ten Jukebox and Retro Fairs at Brighton Racecourse. I can truthfully say I have attended every one, and the show just gets better every year. It is now a must see show for anyone interested in jukeboxes and pinball machines. But the show is a lot more than that now, with all sorts of memorabilia and retro items, especially the vintage clothing stalls, which seem to be bigger and better each year. The selection of records is always excellent, and I use the show to refresh my jukeboxes each time I visit – and yes, I did buy a jukebox from the show. I have also bought a set of diner furniture, record players, radiograms as well as all sorts of other bits and pieces – stuff I just don’t see anywhere else.
It has never been a disappointment going to Brighton in April each year, and I hope that it will continue for many a long year. The staff are always friendly and helpful, and seem genuinely pleased to see you, which always cheers me up after a long drive.
All power to your elbow.

Geoff Blaney